Predator Editor in Demo Mode

I recently installed V27 Build 1547 on a new computer and when I launch predator editor it opens in demo mode. How do I activate predator editor?

Are you opening the predator through the BCC software, or launching it by itself? You must launch it from within the V27 software for the license to be read.



I am launching within Bobcad.

The issue with the Predator being in Demo Mode is known and our development team is working on it.

The fix, for now, is to install V24, when you run the Predator installer through V24 it will correct the issue.

Here is a link to download the V24 software:

Just copy and paste the link above into your internet browser.

When it finishes downloading you can run it like a normal install and let it install the Predator Editor.

If it doesn’t automatically install the Predator then go to “C:\BobCAD-CAM Data\BobCAD-CAM V24\System Files” and Double-Click “Predator CNC Editor 2005 for BobCAD”

That will start the installation for the Predator. Then launch Predator from the Edit CNC button inside of BobCAD, and see if it opens up in Demo Mode still.

If everything worked correctly, you should see that the Demo mode issue is fixed.

Now you can go ahead and delete the V24 icon from your desktop and Predator should stay working correctly.