BobCAD-CAM V35 has a ton of new features and even enhancements to existing features! Craft your art projects more easily with the redefined workflow of the all new BobART user interface!

For those requesting more control of the operation posting order, including how toolpath patterns are posted, we decided to completely rethink this portion of the software and are introducing the new Operation Tree and Tool Tree to give you all the power and control you need. Oh, and we’ve got Finishing Spring Passes, brand new Leads with point picking and automatic lead from center options, and new features and enhancements in 2, 3, 4, and 5 Axis.

To see more details you can check it out here: CLICK to go to V35 Page!

For those of you who would like to check out the free V35 Getting Started videos you can find them here: LaunchPad V35 Getting Started Videos

Link to the What’s New document: Click Here for What’s New


Hi Alex,

Thank you.

Is there any chance we could get a link to the Whats New from the V35 help menu.


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Added the What’s New link above

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Hi Alex,
thanks for the information. Cannot wait to check all out.
Bye, Harald

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just starting with the Latest and “Greatest?” version 35…right off the bat i like the added spring cut option tho i’m not sure why that took so long to implement…but i have noticed that this version seems rather unstable…have been experiencing random crashes while using it that last couple of days…the last crash cost me about 3 hours worth programming

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Auch…the “words” and the rework. :rage::rage:. Spoil your day.

I seam stable, although only 3 jobs in…

Are you running it as an administrator?

If you are running on a Laptop please make sure you have the dedicated graphics card assigned to the V35 software. If your dedicated graphics card is Nvidia you can follow this guide to make sure it is assigned.

If that is not it, contact into support and we will see what is going on for you :wink:


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Yea ! the MDI is great what a time safer.

I have had the same thing. I put it on my video card hope that helps.

V-35 WERE DID THEY PUT THE MACINING ORDER AT? I right click MIlling Job and it’s not there any more?

You want to check out the Operation Tree. Here is a link to the Help Section where it is talked about

So were is this Operation Tree at looks easy to work with but I can not find it

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In the default layout it can be found here. But it’s a docking pane so you can move it.



So I talked with Bobcad I brought in my Profile Layout from V-34 it checked the. Opertation Management. But did not give me the tab. So I had to load another Profile to get the tab back . Looks like I will have to do my profile over.

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This is so stupid! Obviously they did not do a good job of beta testing! This is the only software I have used in my 35 years of programming that I have to copy ALL my settings, tool files, posts etc. over when doing an update. Come on BobCAD get caught up with your competitors.

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Is anyone else experiencing issues with other versions since this version has been released? We are using v29. Well trying to use it now. It freezes trying to do the simplest of things.