PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: BobCAM for SolidWorks V10 is now here!

Our latest version of BobCAM for SolidWorks is finally here!

What’s New Video: HERE!

We have added many new features (See Below) to the software that make your workflow even more effective and many enhancements to already existing functions.

V10 Tool Tree
There is now a brand new Tool Tree that you can utilize in your workflow to better see and organize the Tools for the Job. Simply select it from the bottom toolbar of the BobCAM window.
V10 Op Tree ICON
You can use this Tree to Access Tool Cribs, Tool Library, Update Tools, Move and Edit Operations and more…

V10 Op Tree
V10 Op Tree ICON1
We have also added a brand new Operation Tree to better organize and manage the Operations for your jobs. The New Op Tree has replaced the old Machining Order Dialog with many new capabilities and enhancements. You can Edit Operations directly in the Tree, control Posting Statuses, Multi-Select Operations to move or modify them, change the order and posting of all toolpaths in the job and more…

You can now even manage Patterned Operations from the Toolpath Pattern Function in the software.

There are many other great improvements to the software as well like, major enhancements to the BobArt Workflow (all in a single dialog), MDI (Manually define additional G-Code for Mill and Lathe Operations), New Lead options for Milling, Spring Passes, utilize Chamfer Mill tools for our New Deburring Feature, further enhancements to 4 and 5 axis toolpaths, and much more…

These are just some of the new features that have been added to BobCAM for SolidWorks V10. To find a full list of all the improvements, go HERE

Download the Demo TODAY (link below) and try it for yourself!

If you would like MORE INFO about the latest and greatest BobCAD-CAM software, Call: (727) 442-3554 or Email:


Hi Paul and BC-Team,

wow… I am thrilled. Great work.

May I ask: BC4SW with all this features is released prior to the native BC version? I always thought, first comes native, afterwards the plug in versions for SW and Rhino.

IMO images for Lead-out-Off and Lead-out-On should be swapped:

The “Ramp at Drill Positions” is explained twice :wink:

Bye, Harald

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Thanks for the question. Every new version of the software whether it is Standalone BobCAD-CAM, BobCAM for SolidWorks or BobCAM for Rhino will always have new features and options that the older ones do not no matter which system you work in. The latest release of any 3 of these will have new features and functionality. They build on each other. All new versions that gets released in 2022 will have the same functionality and more.

Good catch! The swapped images have been updated in the online help now.

Also, a note on Ramp at Drill Positions repeating:

Since this option applies to two different operations which are in two separate license levels (Mill 3 Axis Standard / Mill 2 Axis Pocket and Mill 3 Axis Pro / Mill 3 Axis Advanced Rough) it’s listed twice.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the update. I look forward to seeing the upgrades to BCC V35. I think usually comes out in August.

Happy 4th of July to you and BC Team.