Question on facing

I have a 3/4 indexable cutter and I am cutting the side of a 1/2 plate with the bottom of the cutter(face mill like)…

dose anyone know if I can just zig zag across this part on the centerline feeding down once I get to each of the opposite sides of the passes I started from until I reach my desired depth.

I can not get the facing path to work like this, has anyone ever tried this and got it to work?

Hi Richard,

What you can do with the Facing operation is, on the Patterns page of facing, under parameters set the set over to 100% and First Cut Offset to -.125". That will force the toolpath to go down centerline of the 1/2" plate (.750 cutter - 1/2" wide material divided by 2 = .125" offset). However this will start each depth of cut from the same end of toolpath. If you want to zig zag your depths of cut you may want to use Profile Rough.

Hope this helps.


Reading you post again, I think this is what you are looking for.

In Facing it will always start from the one / same side. You can use Profile Rough and in the Parameters under Depth, select Zig Zag.

thank you both…next time i will try profile rough

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worked great…thx

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