Roughing and finish passes

Have a job with a bolt circle with 18 holes. I wrote it with a roughing and a finish passes. When cutting, it does all the roughing passes then all the finish passes. Is there a process to allow the roughing and finish pass to be completed in each hole before moving on?

Hello Mel,

Welcome to the forum. That is a very good point you bring up. I don’t believe there is away to have the rough and finish pass run on each piece of geometry that was selected, for a feature that has many profiles or pockets. The closest you would get to it would be to use the “Side Roughing” with a small Stocking Remaining and have 2 for the Number of Passes. Definitely would be a good option to have.

For example

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it’s tedious…but you can maybe change the machining order…i’ve done that before…you’ll just have a lot of tool changes unless you are using the same tool to rough and finish

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Thanks for that idea. I’ll give that a try.