Saving drawing as a PDF

I have been trying to create a pdf from a dimensioned drawing. So far all I get is a completely black page. Is there anyway to create pdf files from BobCAD?
I have tried:
Cute PDF
Microsoft PDF

Joe Lustig

Hi Joe,

I ran into that issue also. I use Soda PDF as my editing pdf software, and it works fine with that using print to pdf.


I use “PDF creator” as a printer driver. Just select that as your printer and print. It does not allow editing of PDF’s.

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avocamfg2006 and Randyb2004 Thank you. Both solutions work for me. I can’t tell you how frustrating it has been until now.
Thank you so much.


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PDF Exchange works good too for print to pdf.

There seems to be a bug here with this printing and print to pdf.

When you use the system UCS, the document prints fine. But if you print while using a User UCS being active, you will get a square shaded area around the UCS.

Print / Print to pdf - System Top UCS active

Print / Print to pdf - User UCS active