Search not possible in Posting tab

in BC-CAM it is possible to do a text search in the Posting tab pressing Ctrl+F:

In BC-CAM4Rhino this isn’t possible. Pressing Ctrl+F has no effect. Right click into the Posting area just allow ‘Save As’ and ‘NC Editor’

Would be nice to also have the text search here. Currently I can only copy the text to search the content in another editor.
Bye, Harald

P.S.: should such a issue be written in ‘BobCAM for Rhino’ - ‘Feature Requests’?

The posting window is only meant to give you a preview of the code. It is not a spot to edit. When you right-click chose the NC Editor option to open the Gcode program in our full editor application if you wish to search or edit the code.

Hope this helps :smile:

as I told/showed: it is possible in BC-CAM (standalone Application) but not in BC-CAM4Rhino.

It’s not the need to edit, but just do some quick search to check, if Code-generation is done as wanted. Using NC-Editor is sure possible, but lasts untils open, have to organize your eyes and if done close and again reorganize.

Bye, Harald


I need to double-check this with the development team but I think this issue is due to the limitations we have with our BobCAM product lineup as plug-ins for other software packages. You can’t search within the posting tab in BobCAM for SolidWorks as well.

Thank you, Hejazi

I can imagine that there is a problem to bring up the search textfield with Ctrl+F (or some other shortcut combination) due to collisions with Rhino command line.
Approach: right click in posting tab brings up the popup menu with further menu entry to start the search input field.

Bye, Harald

I will forward your suggestion to the software development team.

I just talked to the Dev team. They said the posting window in our BobCAM line of products uses a different panel control than what is used in our BobCAD-CAM line of product because they found a few major issues with the panel control used in BobCAD-CAM.
They said they fixed the issue and the next versions of products including BobCAM for Solidworks V9 and BobCAM for Rhino V2 will have the search option.

Hejazi, thanks for trying it. Maybe sometime in the future.



Solved. There is now a search option :slight_smile:
You have to know the shortcut Strg+F to get it up.

Improvement to this:

  • the panel is docked at top of the G-Codes overlapping the first two lines and cannot be moved away. Would be nice to make a separate area at the top moving down the whole G-Code data so the search option does not overlap G-Code.
  • put the search function (including the hint to the short cut) in the pop up menu that comes up when right clicking the G-Code.

Bye, Harald