Selective printing

In V21 I could simply highlight a section or part of a drawing and print it.
I have not figured how to do that in the newer versions, Using V32 now.

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In V32 there are 3 different options for printing. I believe the one you would want to use is Drawing Scale.
The Drawing Scale will only print what is currently within the view of the CAD window, so if you have a large drawing and just want to print one section of it, you can do the following:
-Zoom in to the section that you want to print
-Go to ‘File’ at the top left
-Then select ‘Print’
-And choose the ‘Drawing Scale’ option.

Alternatively, if you are familiar with using layers you could also move this section to its own layer and hide all other geometry and then you can use the ‘Fit All’ Print option to scale that geometry to fit on one page.

Thanks Alex,
yes I have tried those options. But it is very limiting.
In v21 I highlight any element, chain , part etc, the print lets me choose 1:1 , drawing scale, or fit all.
Often I want to print one part of an assembly at 1:1 .
I just open in 21 now to print

I think this is a good feature request to be put in. I will get @TheWeave on getting that put in for you :wink:


I will definitely put in a feature request for that as it makes the process easier for the end user.

Thanks for the feedback and just let us know if you need any further assistance!