Send file using "DNC Send" in Predator Editor, wondering about Fanuc OM parameters settings

hello everyone, I have a new to me mill with Fanuc OM controller, 1995 Red AC servos; has RS232 port. Trying to send file using the DNC send command in Predator Editor that came with v29. The parameters in the Fanuc controller required to be reinstalled, now I am not 100% confident of the RS232 settings that allow data transfer.

Currently, parameters are set baud 4800 (slow, but matches the mill) with the others set proper to match each other, but still having file copy issue.

My hope is to go away from the PC to RS232 and use a DNC (recent purchase) that allows a USB stick to input the cutter path.

I can copy parameters from mill to PC using Predator Editor and the file looks proper when opened in Predator Editor. But same file using the DNC unit, the file copies but is garbled.

What should I be looking for? Or how to approach to find a solution? I am grateful or any thoughts. This mill & controller are new to me, I have picked the best “post processor” from the options provided in v29, I am not real confidant about if this is the best pick.

many thanks, in advance

If the program is garbled it sounds like the RS-232 settings are not correct.

GENERAL NOTE: It is always better to try to determine proper RS-232 communication by sending a program from the machine over to the PC as the 1st step. This is because you can change the PC parameters easier. Where with some controllers it is possible to have different parameters for send vs. receive most of the time they are the same. Once you work out the parameters to receive the program from the machine, you can then try to send a program to the machine.

As for the DNC unit. You will need to speak with that company to get assistance if the communication from that unit is not working correctly and is garbled. If the program you are putting on the USB is ok, then there is not really much we can assist with when it gets garbled running through their software/hardware.


Alex Cole

Alex Cole, many thanks!! I am working with the DNC people and just needed a 2nd opinion. You also offered the suggestion to start with the PC until it’s correct, sound good to me. Many thanks!

When I try to send DNC from PC to the mill, it looks like it is working but gets near the end (97%) and the screen on PC says “Waiting for flow control” and it stops there. The file when I open it does not look what I started as.

What am I looking for to satisfy the requirement?
Many thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.

The pic is the screen I get Except the only RED circle is the last one “TXD” goes to 97%, ask for “flow control”.
Some parameter settings will not allow this much success. I am not shore what to look for.

Many thanks.

Maybe this video can help you understand how this works and aid you in solving your issue: Explaining The Basics Of RS-232 Serial Communications - YouTube



Alex, thank you! I am still working this issue, I have reviewed the video, have a better understanding and appreciation for how it works, will see what tomorrow brings. Many thanks!!

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x on/off

you can also slow the line delay maybe, in settings

PJK, many thanks. I have tried changing several of the parameters, one at a time. I am closer, just not there yet.

Many thanks for your help and suggestions.

May be a memory problem in the mill. There is not much storage in the early Fanuc machines. I had this problem early on. Could only keep one program at a time in the mill in order to be able to download a new program. Would try to save the existing files out of the mill and then try to download your new one in.

Second suggestion. Go to the Fanuc Manual and find the RS232 settings You can change them there. Once changed or set then match up the ones in the computer.

3rd suggestion. It seems like I also had trouble with the wire connections on a standard interconect cable. there is 2 different cables that use the same plugs. However they are different internally wired. Check the 232 standard for information on this. I can’t remember exactly but i know one pair is reversed depending on the use.
Good luck.

Airnuts, many thanks for your suggestions, I think my parameter 038 is the 1 that has the rs232 settings.

The cable; I have purchased a DNC to USB memory stick devise, I am using that cable, 9 pin on PC/DNC end and 25 pin on the mill. I did have a strait through cable, printer cable l think, was no good.

The memory on mill has available space, the program that I am copying is only 15 lines long, I have had success copy a program from mill to PC & change name, and it will not copy back in, like a security parameter. I am closer that I have ever been to success, many thanks!!

Airnuts, PJK and Alex, many thanks for your suggestions. Progress has been made to copy the file to the mill, but when I try to run the program, I get a “1010 No Zero Return” after starting the program.

This is the 1st programs that were produced in BobCad v29 for this mill at my location, so it may need to be fine-tuned. What am I looking for to satisfy the 1010 zero return? This is also a 1st for me going from 2 axes (fixed Z) to a 3 axes mill with Fanuc OM controller, I will not be using tool changer. I plan to run a 220 volt hi-speed (40 K) spindle mounted to the nose of the BT-40 spindle. I will need to turn off the BT-40 spindle. Or is this a parameter that needs to be changed?

Many thanks for any suggestions in advance.

Not sure I can help any more on this except to say you need to get a Fanuc manual and look at the codes ETC it is clear once you work through it for a while.

Does the program start at all?
If you do not want the original spindle to run because you mounted a router to the spindle to cut wood( i presume, great idea) just don’t put a M03,M04 or M13 M14 in the program. you just need the mill to move.

1010 is memory card error, put in wrong…

zero return error.
maybe your mill has to go to it’s zero points at the start of a program.
G00 G91 G28 Z0.

PJK, thanks for your suggestion “just don’t put a M03,M04 or M13 M14 in the program” I can move the mill table with “Handle mode” and using “zero return”. What I have not been able to do is use a program to move on command, run the g code or MDI screen.
Is there a way to create w/o having to edit the program to make shore that the M03,M04 or M13 M14 will not appear?
The part I will cut has the same outside shape, just the inside will change shape, this is a 2d profile part made of aluminum using small end mills (0.7 mm or .032"). The thinking because the hi-speed spindle has no ATC or toolholder to set the tool length, will require to “touch off” and reset “tool offset” each time the end mill is changed. Most of the parts are 1 or 2 of the same shape. My thinking for the parts that are the same is to use a master tooling plate to hold the uncut blank, have more than 1 master tooling plate with the other blank uncut parts attached and after the ruffing end mill has cut all parts on the tooling plate, put the finish end mill (touch off or have a tool preset indicator, so I can get the offset distance set in the tool offset screen) in and run finish cut with finish end mill. The master tooling plate wound clamp in a vise and the hope was to use the “machine x=0, y=0” for x & y-axis, only the z axis would need to be set.
I am open to suggestion.

This is a suggestion that was offered on how to approach my part using the machine x=0, y=0 as the start point. Can I use the suggestion below, with the not to use the “M03,M04 or M13 M14” spindle command?

Use work offset with G10 command in side the part program
Suggested below are first line of command in part program:

N10 G90
N20 G10 P1 X-12.5000 Y-8.000 Z-12.0000 (P1 -Set the Datum of G54 )

G54 (G54 work offset active)

This is where program goes

Or open to suggestions. Many thanks!

The controller is a Fanuc OM, around 1995. I have seen many YouTube videos, and some controllers are different from others on what makes the machine work well.
Many thanks in advance for suggestions as how to find a solution.