Silverio Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Silverio Diquigiovanni from North-East Italy, very close to Venice, and I am happy to have landed in this forum.

I have been working as a Firmware/Software developer for Embedded and PC systems since 1987 in a company that produces custom PLCs and CNCs for the industrial sector.

At the moment I am part of a development team that is working on a general-purpose Multi-axis CNC Control System and I have learned about BobCAD/CAM from version V31 thanks to DataCAD.

In Italy, BobCAD/CAM is very little known and used, also due to the lack of language support, but I was so impressed that it has become our reference tool.

In the R&D department, we use BobCAD/CAM to test the functionality of our CNC Board and to offer it to our customers as suggested and supported CAD / CAM.

Thus it happens that the functions of the CNC Board have been “adapted” to better manage the BobCAD/CAM output files.

I am slowly translating part of the documentation and examples into Italian which will then be integrated into the CNC documentation on our website.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

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Silverio! Glad to see you have made it to the forum. Looking very forward to your future posts and I’m glad things have been working great for you, even with the adversity you’ve faced with languages in the system. Keep up the great work!

Welcome to the BobCAD community, Silverio.

Hi Silverio,
Nice to meet you here too.

Best regards

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