Smoothing out toolpaths

Hey all,

I have noticed that my mill pauses slightly when doing some toolpaths. I first noticed it when I was doing some 3D surfacing and thought it might be just because it’s an old mill. This week I was doing an ellipse and it was also doing it. When I analyzed the geometry is said it was a spline curve. I would like to see if I could fix this to have a better smoother finish. I’m not sure if it’s the Mill, BobCad or the files I’m importing.
I’m using BobCad V32 on a Bridgeport style mill with a Fagor 8040 control. Using Fusion 360 to create the solid part files. I usually import an IGES file.
Any ideas?

i’m just spitballin here but…the pauses you may be seeing could be the transition points between X and Y axises ,especially on an ellipse or a circle…just a guess tho

On the ellipse it did it several times not just at the transition points between x and y. It’s like it was made up of a bunch of smaller arc segments which is common but it pauses between them so it causes a little blemish. I’m hoping for a smoother toolpath.