Software to Machine Issues?

I have a new program that i created and everything worked fine except one tool path it’s machining off of the position from where I programmed it from not sure why? What should I be looking for?


There are quite a few things that could be causing this, can you provide examples of what’s happening? Is the toolpath computing in the wrong position in BobCAD, or is the machine cutting the feature in a different position than what you programmed in Bobcad?

Here are a few things you could check:
Is the solid model to the correct dimensions?
Does the toolpath in bobcad look correct? If the Machine setup has been moved, update and recompute your toolpath.
Is the toolpath cutting on the wrong side of the feature?
Does simulation in Bobcad look correct?
Is there tool comp being used on this feature (G41/G42), and if so are the correct comp values for the tool stored in the controller?
Does the work coordinate on the part match to what you defined in Bobcad?

Could I email you my file?

Yes you can send me a direct message on here