STL for turning operations

We mostly do casting work here. It’s cumbersome to work around OD/ID length for stock description when turning. Pattern repeat or from stock, geometry or custom range doesn’t work very well on most castings as they are not uniform from shoulder/shoulder - diam/diam and draft. It’s a headache to manually edit lots of code. Being able to create an STL. and pick as stock would greatly trim down programming time, air cuts and mistakes. Cycle time, without editing, would result in a minimum of 50% savings. Not to mention the saved programing time.

You can try the revolve stock option for custom stocks in lathe.
Hope that works.

I will make you a quick video that shows how to complete exactly what I believe you are trying to do. Give me a few minutes

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Here is a quick video. Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:


Just to add to this, if you do have an STL for the stock, you can use the Spun Profile function to get the outline of the STL and use that as the stock!


Boom! Thank you so much. Thank you for going over the extensions and primary undercuts as well. More than I was asking for. This will make my life so much easier.


Yes, I’m not sure how I missed revolve in the stock options.