Stock Wizard Z-0.0 issue

I was just wondering in the New version that will be out soon. If the Z-0.0000 issue got fixed.
So some times on a 3d part when you would Calculate Stock from a 3D model or move a 3D model to Z0
Bobcad would make it a Z-0.000 and then face cut from above zero to zero would not post. It is a simple fix we just need to go to Stock Orientation Coordinate System and change Z-0.000 to Z0.00. So is it fixed? So it will no longer set the cords a XYorZ -0.0000

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Anytime you see a -0.0000 is just because there are numbers further out in the decimals than 4 places. In the dialogs the default for inch users is to display 4 digits. If you change the digits to more than 4 you will see there is probably something like -0.00000584 or something like that.

When doing the automatic bounding box of a solid model, tolerances definitely can come into play and so depending on the model, this can come into play.

I would love to see the file where it “would not post” due to the number, so we can analyze a little better how to solve this issue for ya.

I pick a point on the solid drawing. I have my enable snap set at .1875 I tell it to go to X0Y0Z0
so there should not be any strange 8 place numbers. I can send you some drawing if you want just need to do it threw an email send my files on theis Forum.