This Crash is because BobCad Failed Me!

Why would anyone want the software to reassign a random single tool when multiple tool paths were copied from one setup to another?

also, if the facing toolpath is copied the top of feature parameters changes back to default too.

what version…i know copy and paste has been garbage for sometime…it’s better for milling ops now but still garbage for drilling ops



i need 20 characters to answer this

We all agree. But double check everything.


I consistently do, but I am not perfect.

BTW thanks for telling me something I didn’t know.

I’ve been a long time BC user and ran into this recently. Not only will BC change a random tool on you. I copied and pasted a setup from one file to anther and the depth of my face milling operation was reverted back to the default 0.500". I missed it and ate through not only my entire part but also into my work holding since I was only milling 1/2" stock. It’s very frustrating. Why cant the default be 0.0 to at least be safe. Of course, I missed it.

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Agree for sure, Simulator is your best friend.

on the machine side for sure…

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