Transfer bobcad software to new pc

I have bobcad v24 - v25- v 29 . The pc that has them installed and active on is having trouble and needs to be replaced . Can i transfer them and have them work on a new pc , what is the procedure ??



Call into support and tell them you need registration assistance to move your licenses :+1:

If your getting a new laptop or tower be sure to get a video card. The higher you go in the versions the more you will need it

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got a new Laptop (the old one was thrown to earth and display got damaged) by just cloning the disk from the old one. But license do not work as a result of hardware changes. No problem: just do a license transfer…

As I figured out, one must first release the license on the old machine. Luckily I could do that, as it is useable but with narrowed functionality.

I did the mistake to first release the license of Rhino on the old machine. Be aware that it isn’t possible afterwards to call _BobCam when there is no Rhino license to also release the BobCAM license. The command line always tells the command isn’t found. So I had to install the Rhino license again on the old machine, then was able to release BobCAM license, afterwards released Rhino license and do license installation on new machine (Rhino first, BobCAM second)

starting Rhino with installed BobCAM but no BobCAM license throws about four times the following message:
I first didn’t realize it belongs to BobCAM and thought it has something to do with Rhino. Would be helpfull, if there is somewhere a hint pointing out this message comes from BobCAM.

Bye, Harald