Turning off automatic tool numbering permanently

turning off automatic tool numbering permanently … how do we do this…it’s stupid and should not exist …currently running the latest and greatest? V36…


if nothing else…the default should be off…and then turn it on if you need it…

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Within your Settings, go to Document Default > CAM and choose the default of Manual Tool Numbering


thanks, I forgot that I did that in V35 too. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t like the fact you can still have 2 or 3 tools with the same number and it will post them all with the same tool. number

I usually always verify my tool assignments before posting…but yeah…just a pop up warning would be cool…i have a 30 tool atc…and 1 thru 19 are resident tools…29 thru 29 are my swapables…30 is my probe…that’s why i hate the automatic numbering

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I do the same but my probe is tool 19 and the higher numbers I have my resident tools.2 to 7 I swap

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