Unable to open Solid Works Parts

We recently updated to Solid Works 2022. When I go to open a solid part file in BobCad I get the message below.

Can not open document: “W:\ filepath\Top Section Turning.SLDPRT” This document is not supported in MFC application.

If I save it out of solid works as a parasolid.xt it opens right up.

Is there a BobCad patch or update for this?

What version of BobCAD are you running?

V34 is the only version that will open SW2022 files, as several years ago SW made changes that require software integration as opposed to just new external files. Otherwise the best solution currently is to export as STEP from SolidWorks if you are on an earlier version of BobCAD.

It’s essentially:

V34 → SW2022 and older
V33 → SW2021 and older
V32 → SW2020 and older
etc etc

I am running BobCAD-CAM V34.0

Ahhh well it may be as simple as updating your BobCAD V34 software to the latest service pack. I believe 2022 wasn’t out when V34 SP0 was initially released, so opening SW2022 probably came in the first service pack.

That could very well be the issue. I’ll get an update and let everyone here know.