Use dove mill to machine undercut

I am trying to use a dove mill I have created in my tool library to mill an undercut using z level rough and z level finish, but BC only wants to use rough and finish endmills

yes, I have also sometimes stumbled on the fact that the restrictions are more annoying than helpful. I then just created the cutter in the category that the operation is reflecting on.
Regards, Harald

i ran unto a situations like that kinda…had to describe the tool as a tapered end mill to get it to work like that

I want to use the dovetail cutter on left to cut the surface right

I do this a lot for reverse chamfers with a double angle tool. I made it a t-slot tool. Only real annoyance doing it that way is the geometry to get the z-height set right the first time. Easy on a 45deg tool, more annoying on others.

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