Use Geometry for depth of feature for 2 Axis Profile and Pocketing of multiple depths profiles / pockets

Hello All,

This is a feature request I believe would be very valuable to BobCad-Cam Users.

The ability to program the Z depth of multiple profiles and pockets by the bottom geometry picked for contours / pockets that are at different depths. This would be very useful and make simple 2 axis programming and editing of profiles and pockets very efficient. Currently the user has to create a feature for each pocket / contour that has a different depth.

A while back I was machining a simple part, that had about 40 pockets. Each pocket had a slightly different depth, length and width. It was a waveguide filter for aerospace, and the tolerance for the walls was tight enough. Using the 3 Axis Z Level Finish Depth strategies doesn’t work too well as I need to control the start point and also use cutter compensation to adjust for tight tolerancing. The 2 axis generated code has a better and more consistent finish for straight walled pockets, where as 3 Axis features tend to leave witness marks.

Fortunately, maybe like many, I occasionally use another software for these situations. I can program the 40 pockets in the other software, according to the feature request above, in 5 minutes or less. In BobCad-Cam it would take at least 40 minutes to do the same programming for the 40 pockets, and that is with using copy and paste (with all the current issues with that). And then what if you want to come back and change the depth of cut, feedrate or rpm’s, you have to go thru each feature operation to make the changes, very time consuming and the potential for errors to happen.

I hope I have explained myself well and that BobCad will consider this request and implement it into V35.

Let me know what you think.

Thank you for looking.




yes, this is a feature request is also on my list but I didn’t dare to ask :wink: or was it rather the lack of time to write? :thinking:

So thanks for the push. But I am considering, if there is a(nother) solution where it is possible to (also) select just 2D geometries (e.g. simple 2D DXF import having no z value) and assign them a depth value. Hmm… maybe a list with arbitrary configurable depths to which gemoetries can be assigned? Like it is done in Drill operation but without splitting it into several operations.

BTW: would be wonderful for easier modification, if those splitting can be avoided in drilling operations too.

Bye, Harald


That is an interesting approach. Would be good to have for experimenting and a time saver for making quick changes.

Thanks for the request!

I have submitted it to our development team for further review.

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