Using the Gear function in CAD

I need help using the Gear function. Are there any After Dark or otherwise video tutorials on this?

David Labosky

This video is from on older version of BobCAD, but the cad function’s are the same in the newer version of the software

Thank you for the suggestion, but I am trying to create a spur gear. When I open the Other menu and choose Gear I get a sample gear with all the appropriate specifications filled in. I know about what diameter I want the gear to be and what pitch the teeth have to be. I am, however, unable to figure out how to get from the starting diagram to the gear that I need.

So if you go to the Creat 2d under shapes then GEAR when you fill out the Parameters you should have the drawing you need?

I do not know the exact parameters for the gear I want. I know the pitch and the approximate diameter of the gear. If I fill in a number that Bobcad does not like I just get an error message. I would like to see a video of how someone else did the programming to make my perfect gear.

Go to Bobcad Help. If I Rember right, they explain what numbers you need.