V-34 work offet

I always use G55 for my work offset. But with V-34 I have had it change the work offset in 1 tool some place in the middle of my program to G54.
We have had this happen severial time. Is there any one else with this problem they uses something other then G54 for there work offet that has seen this?

i’m not too sure that this can be fixed…as BobCAD will always us G54 as it’s default set up…tho you can edit the machine set up to make the change…tho it will always default to G54 when you open another machine set up

What it looks like to me is some place in the middle of a program it will take a feature . And take the Work Offset and blank it out (there will not be no number for work offset) Well when this happens it’s like you said it will go to the Default. But it is something that needs to be fixed. It is a new BUG. So when your working with any offset other then 1 keep your eyes pilled my man.