V-35 haas dog legs

I just used open pocket. It looks like the Z is in separate move on this job so did they fix the need for dog legs?

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I was wrong it is not fixed.

Are you referring to an adaptive open pocket? I am not sure what you mean by the Z is on a separate move on this job. The micro lift found on an adaptive toolpath is the only option I can think of that would generate 3 axis motion for pocketing.

I am just trying to figure out what you are referring to that needs “fixed”. Can you provide some more detail?



I think you guys made up this term dog leg rapids. Way back in the V21 and older days you could tell your post to put all Z moves on separate line. The Bridgeport Boss5 would move all 3 axis at the same time just like the Haas. Only time I see this problem is with open pocket when you run in steps.

Please submit a file with toolpath on it to support so we can see the specific motion you are encountering.

As for Dogleg rapids. This is not a BobCAD-CAM term, and it is not referring to a software limitation, but rather a software solution to work around how the physical machine is moved by the CNC controller itself.

Back in V21 the software did not have options that make the toolpath motion contain XYZ moves like the system can now. If we could look at your part we can determine exactly what you are running into.

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Come on you do not need a file you know what the problem is. and you put in a Band aid
to fix it

The offer still stands. If you would like to submit a file we are happy to help try to determine what you are encountering.

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