V-Carve for Wood Inlays

HI -

I’ve been using BobCad for some more standard 2 and 3 axis machining in my home shop on both my mill and a CNC router. I’ve recently started to try my hand with some woodworking and want to do some wood inlays.

I’m working with 2D DXF files that are the outline of the shape I want. I bring one into BobCad and make a normal VCarve feature with tapered pocketing to make the ‘hole’ in my block I then bring the same DXF into a second file, flip it 180 degrees and VCarve out the inverse to make the ‘plug’

Problem is the plug is that what should be the bottom of the plug is the same dimensions as the top of the hole and things don’t fit.

I’ve tried looking for tutorials, but everything seems to be for Vectric’s VCarve software, which obviously doesn’t help much. Is there something I’m missing? I can’t find any settings to specify an offset if the outline should be the top or bottom. Any help/advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Hi Jamie,
can you upload your orig DXF-Files and BC-File?
Regards, Harald

In my mind you take the 2d drawing and turn it to a 3d with a positive direction and a draft angle
then for the other half use other direction with a draft angle? Will that work

Hi Harald, Eric -

Thanks for the fast response. The BobCad and dxf files are attached - I’m using V28.

I thought about extruding with a draft angle, but that would then involve dragging it into Solidworks and adding another step. Pretty easy for simple shapes, but I’m looking at doing more complex stuff so it could get complicated and I’m hoping that’s a last resort.

I was thinking about it a bit and think I might have an idea on how to go about it, but am not entirely sure. I’m at work and can’t access BobCad right now, so I have to guess at the menu names. It seems like the VCarve feature moves the cutter so that the edge touches the profile at Z = 0.000" (top of the part)

If I have the top of the part with the hole set at 0, but then set 0 at the bottom for the plug that might trick things into doing what I want. There’s the normal depth setting early in the process, but later on in the VCarve sequence there’s a box for setting cutter depth (when you also specify the step over for cleanup) I’ve set that to be the same as the depth, but am wondering if that might do something different as well. A CrappySketch™of what I’m thinking is also attached.


[Circular Koi Board - C2D.dxf|attachment]Circular Koi Board - Inverted.bbcd.zip (2.2 MB) Circular Koi Board.bbcd.zip (1.4 MB)

Hi Jamie,

Think, it’s the same you already CrappySketched :wink:
Bye, Harald