V31 crashes on any existing BCCD file

v 31 BCC has been installed on the same computer since 2017 alongside v25. I do not have a dedicated graphics card, just the standard intel internal setup but it has worked fine.
The last 4 months v31 has been very sluggish when opened. a 5 or 10 second delay in any command selection even as simple as zoom in or out. Sometimes it would load fine. I have cleaned the computer. disabled malware software, and uninstalled/reinstalled the software 4 times now. Anytime an existing file from v31 is opened the screen will dislplay only a new file backround, then crash completely. If I open a new blank BCC file and import a .stp file to machune. all functionality is there with perfectly acceptable speed and I can use all BCC functions. Once the file is saved, if it reopened once the software is shut down., the software will crash. A tough situation as i am working on a current project that needs to be completed within a few weeks.
If i open v25 on the same computer, even at the same time, it is perfectly fine and useable and thats what I have had to do to continue working.
Very frustrating as I would prefer to use v31. Any help or suggestions is appreciated. I am also in the process of teaching a new engineer the system and would like to continue with BCC if possible.

A few questions come to mind:

1 - are you running the latest version of V31?
2 - Has your PC done any windows updates lately?

V25 and V31 use very different resources in the back end as many things in simulation and UI components were changed over time. This can explain why they would run differently (one being/seeming stable and one not). It is possible that a component that was updated with windows has caused the V31 items to become unstable.

It is always recommended to have a dedicated graphics card however as you have experienced some users are able to get by without one but it’s really a gamble as to if you will have problems or not.

Just a few things to think with


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Alex, thanx for the quick reply. I understand about the graphics card but the software has been running fine for 4 hrs, until about 3 months ago.
Whether I run the v31 as on the CD with no updates or load the software and the do the updates makes no difference.
Windows 10 is setup as to give notifications but not automatically update although it has updated by itself which really makes no sense. I do think windows is the issue but no idea how to trouble shoot it. Any diagnostic software, Microsoft or aftermarket says the software is fine. And windows doesn’t save restore points any more longer than about 3 months as I understand it.
But crashing when opening an existing file is drastic behavior.
Will keep trying but it doesn’t look promising …


The issue you are describing in this post is Performance related and has to do with your computer and BobCAD running together. There are many different factors to performance issues on the computer. It could be the Graphics Card, Computer Specs, Updating things on the computer, the age of the computer, C++ Redistributables not being updated or installed, etc…

We have made a Knowledgebase Article to help with these types of performance issues. It even links another article that could potentially help with the Intel card. However, our minimum system requirements (Found here: System Requirements | What hardware do I need | BobCAD-CAM) require a dedicated graphics card. This is a requirement for most graphics intensive programs like CAD systems among others.

Here is the article: How to Improve the Performance of BobCAD-CAM on a Computer

FOR INTEGRATED GRAPHICS CARD: My recommendation would be to get a computer that does have a dedicated graphics card or install one into your current computer if possible. However, when using your current computer, I recommend a couple different things.

  1. Make sure you have as many other programs closed down as possible on the computer. If you just have an Intel card, it has to split the signal between all programs running on the computer. So, make sure you have other unnecessary applications closed down like web browsers or other CAD applications to help with performance.
  2. If you are experiencing performance issues after the computer has been on for some time, I recommend closing the software and restarting the computer. This will close down any applications running in the background that you may not realize are on. Restarting the computer should help.

Please review the info above to help with any performance type issues with BobCAD.