V36 First Feature Used :)

Just got the Keys for V36 the first enhancement I used was to copy random tool path features in one shot from V35 Machine setup1 file to Machine setup2 now in V36… :sunglasses:

It is so Freakin Nice!
Just Saying


Awesome! Glad you are liking the enhancements.


They had me with the migration pane at install…that was a help…we’ll see how the rest pans out…here’s hoping copy and paste is better…

Ya, I understand, I will be looking forward to the improvements on that to that too. I never really bothered. Because all customization needed to be redone or moved twice a year…

well that didn’t take long…already a problem…the one font i ever use to make parts and dimension drawing is missing…

FYI: That has been corrected and a new install put online.


Is there any one else have trouble adjusting to this new tool crib. It is more clicking of the mouse for sure ,pick your tool from the library ,then move the tool up to the Crib then select the tool then hit ok. Old way was so much faster,

yeah…i actually think it sucks…plus it looks like there’s no way to permanently turn off the automatic tool numbering…which is stupid…i have to do it on every new program i make…off should be the default selection and the turn it on if you want or need it

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Thanks for your feedback. There are many benefits with the new tool crib dialog. To name some -

  1. You do not have to leave the tool crib dialog and open another dialog and open another preview side window to know the tool you wanted and click OK and OK twice. In one view you get to view your tool crib as well as your entire library(which was not possible at all in previous versions). preview the tools on the right side in 3D.

  2. You can multi select tools and them to tool crib (which was not possible at all in previous versions) from the tool library at once (by using one of several methods we offer currently - drag & drop or right click and select menu or use our toolbar thats between the tool crib and tool library). Add/delete is possible with multiselected tools.

  3. You can create tools now directly in your crib (which was not possible at all in previous versions)

  4. The tool you quickly added to your job only, when you know you are going to frequently use it in other jobs too, you can add tools now from your crib to tool library (which was not possible at all in previous versions)

I understand in previous versions, with the singular workflow, where you open your tool crib dialog (one click), open the Tool Library dialog (second click move mouse to bottom of dialog), browse your tool catalog from your library (if you use search it can get faster), then expand the right side preview window (third click) to make sure the tool you selected is what you wanted, then click OK (fourth click) to close the dialog to go back to tool crib. At this stage is where because it was one dimensional workflow, your tool that you added was selected, so you could click OK to pick that tool directly for your operation.

With the new dialog, listening to your feedback, we will tweak it so that from now on, the newly added tool from your library or the newly created tool in the crib will be highlighted, so that you could just click OK in the tool crib dialog and et voila, you have it for your operation.

I acknowledge it might take sometime getting used to the new one, but the benefits and usability are better and efficient, personally IMO. Then with your feedback, if we make the change to have it highlighted on the new tool added to crib, i believe it will help improve your programming time!


Here is the link to the help on how to turn off automatic tool numbering The Default and Current Document Tab

If you set it to document default, it will be turned off in all new new documents you create. If you just turn it off in current document settings, it will only be applicable to new jobs created in that particular document (aka the bbcd file). This functionality was added in your V35.

PS - changing this option will not affect your existing job’s setting. still users have to change it in your tool crib dialog or verify tool assignment dialog

The help page was unclear on how to do this…and frankly i may have forgotten from the last version…as we upgrade whenever there is a new version…i still think off should be the default setting tho…

I think I looked into the tool number also . You can still have 2 tools with the same number if I remember right.

i see we’ve also gone back to BobCAD making it’s own tools rather than selecting tools out of the tool crib…yay…

Ok I have a feature request then why not have Bobcad take a tool you select from your Tool Library and automatically place it in the tool crib and have it load in the program when you hit ok. Why do we have to drag it up every time.

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