V36 generic 3 axis post

Not really a feature request but…i have noticed with the latest version…any post that i make with the generic BC_3X_Mill.BCpst that includes adaptive roughing…when i post it to the machine it never fails to give me an invalid keyword message on the machine…never used to do that with v35…but the generic post seems to have a lot more comments and stuff added to it now…i usually use the generic post as the post i have specific to my hurco…doesn’t end the program like i like it to by going to the first tool and then raising the tool up…our post just ends after the last tool…just wondering

You dont just bring in your post from the previous verison?

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Mind you…i’ve had the post that we had made for the machine…and have moved it from version to version…i’ve just been using the generic 3 axis post whit up until this last upgrade had worked just fine…i just prefered the way the generic post ran as opposed to the machine specific on we had created…and i could probably edit the machine specific post…but i usually don’t mess with post processors as one little mistake and hilarity usually ensues …in fact i usually don’t even edit my code once it hits the machine unless it’s just to change machine stops and whatnot…here’s what i’m talking about…this one give me an invalid keyword message when it gets to the machine…i think it lies in the comments or how they get put in the code…and so far it only happens when i use adaptive machining
BICC 20MM SEGMENT .146 PAD.bbcd (247.7 KB)

If I was you I would open my old post in Notepad.
Open your New past in Predator Editor and see what changed.
Just make sure to save both post some place else before you start with the edits.

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