Views changing when selecting

Zed…We have a bug…why oh why when i have a view that i’m looking at and i go to select an item or chain…it automatically reverts to the top view…make it stop

Hmmm… can you share a video or some steps on when exactly this occuring? This is the first time I have ever heard of this happening to anyone.

What version of software?

V34 SP 2…i just kinda noticed it…
YANKEE WIRE CLOTH PRODUCTS .780X.630X1.440 NGA 4.312 OD BEVEL.bbcd (561.4 KB)
yeah i know it’s kinda programmed like a psychopath programmed it but…when i was selecting an op…i had it kinda in a orthographic view…as soon as i clicked the face mill chain it changed the view to top

Hmmmm… that is very strange. There is definitely no logic in the system to change the views based on anything in the CAM tree. When I open the file and click around I can’t seem to reproduce what you were seeing.

Would it be possible to get a quick video? Sounds like something weird going on with maybe the mouse or graphics?

nope not the mouse or graphics…that much i know (not my first rodeo on pc)…here’s what i’m currently working on at this second…i saved the file in an iso2 view…when trying to translate a part of the drawing…in this view…as soo as i click on any line it automatically changes the view to top…this is among many other things that BobCAD wants to seem to do on it’s own…I’m looking at you Tool Crib and Copy and Paste
MATTHEWS C4020-124-00 END.bbcd (504.4 KB)

although it seems as if when i closed the file out and reopened it it didn’t do it…but that’s not a fix as i shouldn’t have to keep opening and closing a file to reset something dumb that the software is doing