What I made this weekend

I’ve been busy testing my limits on my CAD and programming skills. This weekend I customized a rear sprocket for a Harley chopper. (I don’t know what it looks like, never seen the whole thing). It has a spider web concept so the customer wanted tapered pockets put in the solid chunk of billet that is to become the rear sprocket. And inside these pockets is to be a raised spiderweb.
I struggled with this one at first. Making the tapered pocket is easy, adding the spider web proved to be the problem. Initially I just added small slivers, about 1/32" square at the angle of the taper, then rotated them around and copying them at the same time. I then added the two rings at 33% and 66%. It sort of looked like what he wanted but the face angles were wrong and it didn’t look right.
So I tried a different approach. I created a thin cup that fit inside the pocket that was 1/32" thick. Then I drew a rolled out cone and created blocks that I could extrude, then tilt and rotate to boolean subtract from the cup. Not only was I able to keep the face of the web orientated correctly I was able to droop the cross rings to make it more spider web like. Now it’s off to be anodized…

spider web pocket|690x488

machined spider web sprocket|668x499


That’s sweet! Keep it up!