Where to discuss features?


I am just about 30min old on this forum…
…but several month old with with BobCAD :wink:

Is there a best place to discuss missing/wanted/erroneous/improvements for features? BobCad-CAM, BobCad4Rhino and BobCad4Solid do not seem to be the right choice as each is affected.

Regards, Harald

Hello Harold,

Welcome to the forum!

There is a category here: https://discourse.bobcad.com/c/bobcad-cam-software-discussions/feature-requests/11 This is where you can add requests with the “New Topic” button.

I hope this helps!

This one is for BobCAM for Rhino Feature Requests: https://discourse.bobcad.com/c/bobcam-for-rhino/feature-requests/13

o.k., I’ve just asked, as ‘BobCAD-CAM Software Discussions’ - ‘Feature Requests’ is at the same level with BC-CAM4Rhino and BC-CAM4SW but BobCAD-CAM is still the master.
Thanks, Harald

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do BobCAD have or intend to make a viewable feature/bug/issue/… list for common people? Would help not to discuss things more than once and give information what’s (already) going on.
I would have some things…
Bye, Harald

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We don’t really have anything like that for feature requests or bugs. Those just get sent to our development team and they take a look at them from there.

However, we do have a knowledgebase on our bobcadsupport.com website that has a list of common issues and errors that people may run into here: https://bobcadsupport.com/helpdesk/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List

I believe you might need a support plan with us in order to access it.

We try to update this knowledgebase periodically as new versions of the software get released.

One of the many strengths of McNeel is its openness. For example, https:/ /mcneel.myjetbrains.com, where it is easy to find out what is going on. Perhaps it would be worth considering establishing such a system at BC as well?
The forum is great for talking about features and other things. However, I find it tedious to talk about things that may already be in progress at BC. Just a suggestion…
Bye, Harald


Is it just like another community based website where it lists feature requests and bug reports?

sorry: I'm not allowed to insert links in messages. Have to split them
No, the community based website is “discourse . mcneel . com”
“mcneel . myjetbrains . com/” seems to be McNeel’s internal tool for development (features, bugs, reports, …)
e.g. “mcneel . myjetbrains . com/youtrack/issues/RH?q=Type:%20Bug” lists all bugs for Rhino and tells a lot of (status) information (e.g. when will the bug be fixed)
Sure there will be much more information we cannot see, because ‘Public View’ = “Permitted” tells to me there is hidden info as well:

One thing that we do is include a listing of the fixed items for each release. This can be found in the help system under the What’s New heading. Each section covers enhancements and corrections. This gives you the listing of what has been fixed.

Currently customers can only see the status of their support tickets through the ticket system (accessible through bobcadsupport.com) but our bug/feature reporting system that is used between our support department and the Development team is not public. I will bring up this subject in our next Exec meeting to see if this is something we want to do in the future as we upgrade and improve our processes.

Hello Alex,
fine, thank you.
Would just like to note that for me there is no need for an interactive exchange on this matter. Only the publication of known bugs and features would be helpful to be able to view them. On the one hand, this saves tedious experimenting only to find out that a bug is the real problem. On the other hand, a found problem or feature request doesn’t need to be brought to you again if already recorded/worked by you.
Regards, Harald

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