Why is my posting window blank?

This is a common question that a lot of people experience that has a couple possible quick solutions:

  1. For V32 and V31, this can be caused by the posting pane not being docked to a side of the window and is ‘floating’ on the screen.
    To get the pane docked again you can simply click and drag the top of the pane and drop it onto one of the docking locations that will appear once you grab the pane. Once docked, the window will be able to display information again and will display the Gcode.
    (The docking locations will appear as small arrows at the sides of the bobcad window while moving the pane around)

  2. For V33 The issue with floating windows is resolved in the latest build of the software. You can find the most recent builds for your software at https://bobcadsupport.com/downloads/software-updates/

  3. There is another scenario when multiple files are open that have code posted. Sometimes when switching tabs back to another part, on some computers, the posting window will appear empty. The quick fix to this is to simply click file at the top left and click back to home again and this will refresh the UI and the code should be visible again.

  4. If for some reason none of these resolve the issue, or you are having difficulty with any of these steps there is another method that will resolve all of these scenarios, but will reset your interface to a previously saved setup in the process. To reset the user interface to a previous setup you can: Click File at the top left, navigate to the User Profile tab, and then double click on one of the available Profile Layouts available.

Looks like a bug to me. Seems to happen at random. Closing and restarting restores it


Restarting the software is definitely another method to resolve this issue, although the next time you encounter this bug I would recommend testing out option 3. I like this workaround the best since switching between 2 screens will refresh the UI much faster than a restart of the software will.