Why is my tool path not completing?

shaper nut1.bbcd (1.7 MB)

Need a lot of help here! I have been fighting this for a week and I’m stumped… Could some kind soul take a look at this file and tell me why the tool path is just reversing at 2 corners instead of continuing straight around the corner. In the simulation the tool reverses at two corners and as the depth is increased material is left uncut. I have only mill standard with none of the advanced tool paths.

use a 2-D tool path to square up the matl: Then run your 3d with the new stock size

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Thank you, I’ll give it a shot!

As you may already know, the 4" diameter stock was restricting the tool on those corners. I put 4.75" diameter and it went all around the part, but added 20 minutes to your cycle time, so you don’t want that.

Good call Eric.