Wish: BobCAM panel allowed to put into Panel Tab


because of its width, the BobCAM panel uses quite a lot of space that is often needed during drawing issues.
Sadly, the BobCAM panel isn’t allowed to be placed into the Panel Tab, that would help out of it.

Bye, Harald

Hi, Harald. I will put a feature request in to see if adding BobCAM to the panel tab is possible. In the meantime, you can close the cam manager with the X at the top left side of the manager and reopen it with the ShowBobCAMRhino command

Hi Jason,
In the course of further work the idea with the panel tab is perhaps only conditionally helpful. Reason: in order to be able to work with the BobCAM panel in a meaningful way, it has (in my case) to be made wider than the Rhino panel tab, which again takes up space.
Is there a possibility in Rhino to make panels combined with a collapse mechanism (shrinking to a line and get it back to the original width)?

Currently I did it that way (insert a button on the BC-CAM Toolbar, that calls ShowBobCAMRhino), that works quite well, too

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