Won't let me select geometry

I got my part read to do the CAM portion, but when I clink on stock definition it doesn’t do that. Can’t figure out what I did wrong or how to fix it. I am very new to this, trying to teach a old dog a new trick. Any help would be nice.

Hey there Steve,

It sounds like you’ve picked your workpiece, and clicked next to get into the stock definition page. You have different options for how the stock material can be constructed.

By default the stock definition for milling will be Rectangular stock, and the geometry options will be set to “Geometry from Graphics Area”. With this selection there will be a rectangular piece of stock constructed around the geometry on the screen, including both wireframe and solid geometry.

When you click calculate stock, the box you see around your geometry should constrain to your geometry. You can ass material to any face of the stock using the Offset+ and Offset-, which adds material in the positive and negative directions of each respective axis.

Check out this link for a knowledgebase walkthrough on CAM: First CAM Job Walkthrough (Mill) - BobCAD Support

I think I never explained my problem very well. When I start my cam setup for my part. I go to select geometry, I click on my part and nothing happens, doesn’t show anything in my geometry box. And stays in a wire frame, not a solid color. Hopefully I did better this time.

i’m thinking that you haven’t defined your stock in the stock wizard and are just trying to go right to machining…tho i could be wrong…

I am going from CAD to CAM adding new job. Then I am clicking on selected geometry. Then I shift and click on part, nothing happens. I think it should go from wire frame to a solid color. Then something should show up in my orange box. I don’t know if I forgot some step somewhere or not. I am very new to this. I have a tutorial sheet I am using, but only use parts that I need for my part. I am thankful for any help I can get. I have made a part and everything went well. That’s why I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.

I figured our my problem, me. I forgot a step. Thanks for the answers from 2 guys. Sorry I didnt explain my problem well.