Select and copy and past multiple toolpaths


Is there a way we could get a feature to select multiple toolpaths by holding down control or shift, so that they can be copied to a group or another setup?



That would be nice, but I haven’t found a way yet. Instead, I save the job as a template and start a new job with that template. It’s not the same but it’s a close as I’ve been able to do.

Ya, that seems like that will work for left and right parts, but for Easly organizing my cam tree I still wish that I could select multiple toolpaths and cut, copy or paste them to put them somewhere else with ease.

I will try to use the template more often, Thx.

I would use the Machine Strategy. Best to set it up from the start, but if you made a bunch of features pre existing, you can group them up into a single strategy by creating a new Feature (Strategy) then you can copy and paste all the individual toolpaths from the other disparate features into one feature, which can be saved, loaded, copied and pasted around…

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