Stock Orientation: why possible to change x- and y-Origin

Hi everybody,

I have been wondering for some time why it is possible or even makes sense to set the x- and y-Origin within the Stock Orientation.

for below given situation…

the Stock Wizard starts with…

… which is very nice.

As the rectangle defines the material available you would perhaps do a Pick in Geometry Option, select the rectangle and hit “Calculate Stock”.

Note: if you do not want to loose the height and get off the to set z-parameters manually, you would also select the objects. This leads to a larger list of selected elements, which makes me always nervous

Adjusting the z-Dimension/Offset and z-Origin and all is well (or let do it the system with selecting the solids, too :wink: ).

I cannot get the point, why it is possible or why I should change the x- and y-Origin, as it will only move the stock to a wrong place.

Also “funny”: usage of Stock Type = Wireframe the gnomon is not in the center, which somehow contradicts to Stock Type = Rectangle.

So this topic is just to get the things understood :wink:

Bye, Harald