You guys using a probe?

How many of you guys use probes on your machines?

Chime in here and tell us about how you are using them and if you have started using the probing module. Looking for some feedback and insite

Thanks :grin:


We use probes for tool and work set up. I have made a few macro’s using the Renishaw Inspection Plus software manual to verify material presence, and diameter measurement.

We did add the Probing Module to our BobCAD-CAM package. I haven’t got going with it yet. I was hoping to find an online Live Training event on the subject. I haven’t seen one scheduled. Planning on digging thru the After Dark series to see if there is one lurking there.

I’ll keep everyone updated.


I’ll mention it to the training team as well.

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I’m using the Probing Features of V33.
Actually, I’m creating a compatible Probe API macros library,
to works fine with BobCAD outputs for our CNC board.

I think that the new PROBING machining support of version V33 is the best-added feature of the latest versions.


A quick update…

I finally had a free hour to explore the probing. I used the BobCAM-CAD HELP section. It was straightforward just to do basic hole measurement after machining. The correct G65 codes for my probe system come up in the post processor. When I have more free time I’ll try setting tolerances.

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Great feedback. I think the development team has done a great job with probing from what i have seen so far. Glad ro hear your finding it useful and straightforward. Thats awesome!

Is the Tormach probe with PathPilot supported?

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Hello @Gwb

Welcome to the forum. We haven’t developed any post-processor to support the Tormach probe with PathPoilot in the past. Please send us s sample probing programs and the prob programming manual so we can take a look.

Like Mo was saying, we have not done one yet but I would be pretty surprised if they didn’t mimic Reneshaw macros. Send pver some info and we’ll dig into it. :+1:

I really really used the probe yet. I should get into it within the next week or two. I will send once I get up to speed. Thank you both for your reply.

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My purchase of V8 initially hinged on the release of probing support.

Hello Evan, Have you used the Probing yet? What are your thoughts if so?

I havnt used it since I havnt used my Bobcam in awhile actually… but I rely on it a lot from Fusion for 2nd op work.

I am interested to know why you are not using your BobCAM? You mention Fusion, have you moved over to Fusion for your everyday work? If so, what are your driving factors for that?

We here definitely don’t want you guys not to use our products…so if there is an issue that is causing it, please let us know :slight_smile:

It was two part - I stopped using Solidworks after having issues upgrading versions, also I had an issue which seemed specific to me in regard to arc fitting output which I have received help on. I have a newly open support request to transfer my Bobcam license to standalone Bobcad if possible so I may use it again.

i have both a tool probe and a part probe…sadly that option is not included with my package…not sure if my work will spring for it…it would be cool tho…and i could probably do it conversationally and merge programs…but i hate going out of my nc only shell…


Are you just using your part probe for set ups?

Or are you also using your probe for measuring, verification, and as set up Poke Yoke? If the answer is NO, then this is your golden opportunity to sell adding a probing module to the decision makers at your company.

i mostly use the part probe for set ups…but i have run run a probe cycle after a part has run to kinda double check my measurements that i got with my micrometer…but the fact that you can set up a cycle in the program as a size check that’s cool…my problem is my work is all over the board…sometimes bigger stuff but most times tiny stuff…but i’ll throw it out to them anyway…

You also can store and export that data for Q.C. record keeping, as well as automatically comp your tool and rerun a part that is undersized by writing a few macros. It’s like a C.M.M. built into your machine.

yeah and that’s really cool…and would be awesome for the bigger stuff i do…but a lot of what i do is tiny…and getting a probe in there would be tough